Webinar #3: Industrial perspectives on biomass feedstocks and bio-based products

Held on 7 June 2022

This webinar will provide an overview to the conversion of biomass derived molecules into chemical structures for application in the polymers’ industry. The webinar will cover the development of new bio-based products, starting from the perspective of the biorefineries that provide the necessary biomass streams, and then describing the different development scales from the laboratory to pilot until the industrial level. The BioSPRINT industrial partners will explain their approach to cope with the complexity and variability of bio-based starting materials used in synthetic protocols. The presence of companies of very different size will be the occasion to hint non-technical but very relevant aspects, such as the diverse business models adopted in the chemical and bio-based industry for the exploitation of the results, the REACH compliancy of novel products and the protection of the related intellectual property rights. 

Responsible partners and speakers

Prefere resins:

  • Dr. Elke Fliedner (Technology Manager)
  • Title: Bio-based raw material for sustainability in industry.

AEP Polymers Srl:

  • Andrea Minigher (Business Development)
  • Title: Bio-based polymers for industrial applications.


  • Dr. David McCann (Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development)
  • Title: Wood-based renewable biochemicals from idea to reality.