Overall objective

The BioSPRINT project, tests and validates process intensification (PI) methods for sustainable and cost-effective purification and conversion of sugars from the HMC fraction of lignocellulosic biomass. Based on this, the project aims to obtain biorenewable furan-based resins for novel polymeric applications.

Specific objectives

In order, to achieve the overall objective of BioSPRINT, seven specific interdisciplinary objectives have been defined, which are SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.


In upstream purification, to intensify the purification of sugars by removal of impurities present and/or generated in the lignocellulose fractioning steps.


In the catalytic conversion area, to investigate intensified reaction methodologies for dehydration of sugars into furans (furfural and 5-HMF) and optimise their production.


In downstream purification, to develop methods to purify the converted sugar streams into non-aqueous functionalised furan monomer bulk/solutions and to create intensification strategies minimising furans degradation.


At the final polymerisation stage, to convert furans into resol and novolactype resins and polyols and formulate biorenewable resins to enable the convergence of different feedstock molecules into similar polymers, allowing maximisation of the final product yields for consumers products.


To simulate the improved biorefinery concept and processes and compare them with SOTA, followed by integration and validation of the developed concepts and technologies for the 2 studied streams (FhG/UPM) and a transferability study for the Clariant stream.


To demonstrate the final processes and products’ sustainability and safety; to establish the economic feasibility of the BioSPRINT concepts and technologies via a thorough ILCSA.


To fully exploit the project’s results by means of multidimensional Dissemination & Communication (D&C), stakeholder engagement, Training & Capacitybuilding, standardisation and business planning activities Sub