Workshop #3: The Next Challenges of Biorefineries │ Workshop #4: Building a circular biobased economy through a multi-actor approachWorkshop #3: The Next Challenges of Biorefineries &

The third workshop on “The Next Challenges of Biorefineries” and fourth workshop on “Building a circular biobased economy through a multi-actor approach”  are part of the BioSPRINT Training education and capacity building programme.

Workshop #3 will take place in the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will be a two day workshop on the 14 and 15 June 2923. Topics will cover:

  • The latest developments and challenges in the recovery of valuable products, including product(s), solvent(s) and unreacted sugar feedstock;
  • Latest advances in downstream purification processes, with a focus on recovering valuable products from different types of biomass, namely lignocellulosic, marine and microbial;
  • The importance of integration and intensification of downstream technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability in the biorefining process;
  • The advantages and challenges of using ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents in the biorefining process;
  • How to go from R&D to the market.

The third workshop is organized in collaboration with the Bilateral Project Portugal – Slovenia.

Workshop #4 will take place in Trieste, Italy, on the 16 June 2023. Topics will cover:

  • All-encompassing view of the world of polyurethanes, phenolic resins and polylactic acid;
  • Insight on current trends and challenges in the development of sustainable polymers – from the lab all the way to LCA;
  • Learn how modelling and machine learning can be powerful tools for bridging sustainability with the development of new polymers;
  • Direct interaction with people from the field: academic experts and researches, innovation agencies, SMEs and large enterprise.

The event is organised in collaboration with the IChemE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Special Interest Group.

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