Workshop #2: Catalysis and Process Intensification for Sugars Biorefining

The second workshop on “Catalysis and Process Intensification for Sugars Biorefining”  is part of the BioSPRINT Training education and capacity building programme.

Topics will cover:

  • The use of catalysis, kinetics, and in-situ separation methods to intensify sugar conversion and minimize the generation of waste by-products.
  • Hybridization of reaction and extraction techniques, which enable the in-situ removal of highly reactive target products, reducing reactor residence time and preventing further degradation.
  • The application of high throughput and machine learning methods to catalyst development, leading to more selective processes and efficient reactor designs that reduce energy consumption and downstream separation footprint.

The event is organised in collaboration with the IChemE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Special Interest Group.

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