Webinar #2: Process Intensification for catalytic biomass conversion

Held on 22 Marc 2022

This webinar will provide an overview to process intensification in catalysis and reaction engineering, following the application of process intensification to catalytic biomass conversion, including integration of catalyst development and microkinetic with intensified reactor design. The concepts of intensification through field enhancement, diffusion enhancement and hybridization of technologies will be explained and illustrated alongside case studies on oscillatory flows and thin films, microreactors, and reactive extraction. This webinar will be organized in collaboration with the Special Interest Group in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Institution of Chemical Engineers. This webinar will also be provided as part of the MSc in Sustainable Chemical Engineering at UNEW.

Responsible partners and speakers

Newcastle University: 

  • Dr Fernando Russo Abegao (Lecturer)

National Institute of Chemistry:

  • Ana Jakob (PhD Student)

Process Intensification for Catalytic Biomass Conversion

Dr. Fernando Russo Abegao (Newcastle University)

Reaction Kinetics of Monosaccharides Dehydration

Ana Jakob (National Institute of Chemistry)