Sixth edition of BioSPRINT Newsletter

Dear reader,

We are excited to report that the BioSPRINT project just entered the third project year and finally, after two productive years, met for the first time in person for the 24-month General Assembly in Frankfurt! Our partners from Newcastle University published their article in the Specialty Chemicals Magazine addressing technology developments to make biorefining processes viable. Furthermore, the BioSPRINT webinar series was successfully completed with webinars #3 “Industrial perspectives on biomass feedstocks and bio-based products” in June and #4 “Downstream processing approach” in July and we are already preparing the upcoming onsite BioSPRINT workshops. We hope you enjoy this short overview of and impressions from our activities and meetings. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities and events, where you can meet the BioSPRINT partners next!       ­

The BioSPRINT team wishes you a great summer!

Christina Andreeßen


Dissemination leader in BioSPRINT