Sixteenth edition of BioSPRINT Newsletter

Dear readers,

With this final edition of the BioSPRINT newsletter, we are excited to summarise the latest results and outcomes of our project. In the middle of May, the project partners came together at the facilities of Fraunhofer CBP and UPM in Leuna for their final General Assembly meeting. Another publication from BioSPRINT researchers describes a new method for intensified lignin purification by using a spinning disk reactor. Eventually, the overall BioSPRINT process integration was successfully concluded with the synthesis of biobased polymer at our partner AEP Polymers’ lab sites in Trieste, Italy. You can now read more about the different BioSPRINT process intensification concepts in our Industrial Case Study brochure.

Thanks a lot for having joined our BioSPRINT journey!

Best regards

The BioSPRINT Dissemination Team